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Critical Illness Insurance

We all know someone who has been touched by cancer, stroke, heart disease or some other critical illness that, in the space of a moment changes a life forever.  Critical Illness coverage makes the moment more manageable.

Long Term Care Insurance

A 2005 study found that 69% of people turning 65 will need long term care before they die. 52% will need it for a least one year and 20% will need more than 5 years of care. The benefits of this essential coverage far out-weigh the cost.

Life Insurance Coverage

A life insurance policy bought when you are young and healthy will continue in effect despite the emergence of health factors and risks that may appear as you age. Purchase a policy now and keep your low level premium as you age.


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“It’s our personal service that makes your experience more satisfying.”

At Brickman Insurance Services We Will Help You Understand ObamaCare.

Not everyone will be affected by the changes but if you are, we can help you sort out your options

By choosing a high deductible insurance plan and filling in the gap with supplemental insurance coverage, you can get more protection for less than you may spend on the lower deductible plans.

Brickman Insurance Services works with you to create your own personal benefit package by utilizing a variety of plans and insurance coverage that supplement the traditional health insurance coverage that you are used to.

Let us help you get the right insurance coverage to protect your family, safeguard your income and provide financial security if you become disabled.


Take Care of Yourself and Your Family

We offer complete personal benefit coverages. Please click the arrow to open the toggle and learn more:

Traditional Health Coverage

Senior Products


Life Insurance

  • In Our Client’s Words

    I got my health insurance this year through Mel and was amazed at how well he can take what I find to be a very complicated subject (insurance) and make it reasonable to understand. He showed me different options, made a recommendation and when I had a problem with Aetna he stepped in and helped solve it. I trust Mel and will continue to use him for future insurance needs. I highly recommend Brickman Insurance Services – he gets 5 out of 5 stars!
    D. Saliter
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